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✦ Kompas Coffee Culture ✦ Pure brew workshop and Coffee Cocktail Concert ✦

What to expect during this full day?

Purebrew workshop on the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick in the morning with the Official presentation and a special coffee cocktail concert in the evening!

Black Eagle Maverick by Victoria Arduino
Mythos Coffee Grinder by Victoria Arduino

What to expect in the morning?

Introducing the Pure Brew technology that moved an espresso machine into a “Drink Station”.

Exploring the flexibility of the Maverick extracting filter coffee, tea, cascara and much more.

2. Pure Brew: the technology that transformed an espresso machine into a Drink Station!

We are going to explore all the potentials of the Maverick: the new tools those allow to be more flexible on the extraction of the espresso and preparing milk/plant-based drinks; the new technology that provides filter coffee, tea, cascara and more.

More info about the inscriptions for this workshop will follow, there will be limited amount of place.

What to expect in the evening?

✦ Live concert by Amrita Khan ✦

Amrita Khan is a growing Belgian singer and songwriter with Russian-Pakistani roots. She started music in 2021 launching debut single The Process in collaboration with Portuguese producer Costanza. Ever since, she has been experimenting with primarily neo-soul inspired sounds. Her lyricism is based on storytelling about her life and those around her.

✦ Free tasting of inspiring coffee mocktails

Our special gastronomic mixologist will inspire you on our official presentation of the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick! Get your taste and senses ready because it will be worth it!

Mocktail menu:

(not rum / coffee / nutmeg)

2. Maverick Martini
(Espresso / French Vanilla / Tonka)

3. BCW Highball
(Espresso / Tonic water / Gold)

4. Zèstes de fêves
(Cacao peel / ginger / citrus)

Video made by Allround Fotograaf | Marijke Crynen | Antwerpen


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