Sint-Katelijnevest 51, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

✦ Kompas Coffee League ✦ The Machine Challenge ✦

Round 1 Espresso based
Spin the wheel and make in 10 minutes TWO espresso's with a random / unknown coffee. (500 gram)
Rules: Give your flavour / taste description to our two headed-judges like in the official WBC taste & flavour rules.

Round 2 Milk based S
Spin the wheel and make in 10 minutes TWO cappuccino's with a random / unknown milk. (You will use the same coffee from round 1)
Rules: - Technical rules (1 cm foam, microfoam, design,...)

Round 3 Finals

One final round were 3 final baristas will make 4 espresso's and 4 cappuccino's in 10 minutes with the coffee and milk they used in round 1 and 2.
Rules: World Barista Championship rules & regulations, sensory & technical scoresheet.

Music Culture
Blackgolddigger - Simon Ray - Lusïv

Caffeinated pictures
by Robin Kemizz Goossens

Caffeinated sponsors Cuperus Koffie, Milk Ink, Home Barista, Duismann Coffee, Veroma Espresso Service, BRITA België, Victoria Arduino Belgium, Limarc Service


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